Sauce Headwear was founded by a former Canadian National Team Cross-Country skier as a way to support her ski racing.  Frustrated with traditional winter headwear (too hot, too itchy, too ugly…) Sauce founder, Shayla Swanson, set out to create functional, stylish and comfortable products that met the needs of elite winter athletes and outdoor enthusiasts alike.

Simply put, the people behind Sauce are winter headwear experts.  Having spent thousands of hours exercising in winter weather, you can rest assured that all Sauce products have been vigorously field tested in ALL weather conditions.  These are tough performance products.  Don’t let the cute patterns and flowers fool you!!

A Toque, eh?

But of course!  That’s what we Canadians call it.  ‘Toque’ (rhymes with duke) is also known as a beanie, a stocking cap or ski hat.  Now that the company is based out of Bozeman, Montana, keeping the term is a little way that we can pay homage to our roots.  We like saying it and hope you will too! ;).

Sauce Acknowledgements.

There are three special ladies who have played a big role in the Sauce story. Though no longer involved with the business I would like to thank Jacqui Benson, Kim McMurtry and Rhonda Jewett for their involvement along the way.